IMJINST Co.,Ltd. | Greetings
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Welcome to
IMJINST’s website!

IMJINST is a manufacturer that has specialized in nut production since its inception in 1972.
It has studied and manufactured special nuts for the past 40 years. It has also rapidly developed technologies, and as a result, it has improved its products’ reliability, thereby gaining recognition in various fields. It has developed Saper Lock nut, which has been recognized as one of the world’s top three advanced antiloosening technologies, and registered a patent in Korea and other countries.
All IMJINST employees harmoniously work together, and their teamwork is proven even through difficult times. They make up the company that is currently the country’s leading nut manufacturer, which also stands as a global producer.
Just like a nut that never loosens once it is tightened, all IMJINST employees, including myself, value human relations and will be joined together and exert greater efforts to be the leading nut manufacturer in the global market.
Thank you!